Why Do I Continue Blogging

Maintaining a blog is the most challenging hobby that I’ve ever had. And it could be the most expensive if I’m not careful and practical. As I only publish new post weekly it is somehow manageable because I am doing at least one interesting thing which mostly happens on the weekend. But there are other issues also that make me think twice if I should continue or not.
Blogging is time consuming if I don’t plan ahead what’s the next content to write about. It is mentally draining if I’m nit-picking myself thinking every word I write is not good enough and might disappoint my readers. And most of all there’s such thing as writer’s block that comes every now and then and could spoil my posting schedule.
So why should I continue if these factors are bugging me knowing it is only an optional thing to do? The answer is simple, because I love blogging. I love the fact that I’m sharing to the world the beautiful sights that I witnessed, the wonderful places that I visited, the awesome cafes that I discovered and even the fabulous trends that I find worth supporting.
And these are exactly the things that keep me going. Just like when I visited The Wildflower Meadow in Sydney Botanic Garden, I was instantly mesmerised by its natural beauty. And who wouldn’t be? The huge varieties of wildflowers in one location is a brilliant spot if you’re looking for an inspiration of what nature is about or simply finding a stunning place for your OOTD.
I was excited to visit when I learned about this place though I was hoping to catch more sunflowers to match with my top But when I got there only few sunflowers were left since it was already late summer. But still it was such a fantastic nature trip, just be careful with the bees that were also enjoying their time.
So if you’re blogging or planning to blog, draw your inspiration from the things that you love doing and I’m sure you won’t be running out of ideas to write.
Suede skirt from Zara Red
Crossbody bag from Prada
Gold scalloped flats
By Women Fashion Trend 2020