Where to Shop in Sydney

If there’s one thing a woman can do better than a man, it’s shopping for sure. I guess, we were born with a natural talent to shop and I tell you it’s not really an easy job as it requires patience, perseverance and eye for details. Serious talk huh!
Ok, any man who reads this post can argue with me. But most of them become fidgety after 30 minutes and eventually get bored. Enough of me stereotyping (sorry guys!), I’m basing it only from my sons who mostly come with me to the mall with the promise of a yummy lunch afterwards. As for my husband, he works on a grab and go technique, the first shop he enters he will just grab the stuff and go.
That’s why we need sometimes for a beautiful and exquisite places to go shopping that will not make our man yawn to death while we are busy browsing the racks. If you’ve been to Sydney, you would agree that Queen Victoria Building is a place to go. The QVB represents Australia’s largest and grandest Victorian arcade, the Romanesque architecture with its beautiful stained glass windows and eye-catching domes on the rooftop set this building apart from the others.
Aside from its fascinating interior and grand exterior, people actually come here for the delightful cafes and amazing shops. Now, all you need to do is to dress comfortably to be able to walk around its 4 levels of high class boutiques and great selection of eateries.
As a side note, I just came back from a week long holiday in New Zealand (see my Instagram Stories highlights), while I am still sorting the photos I’m only left with these shopping shots in QVB. These pictures were taken from my nephew’s Iphone X as opposed to my usual DLSR photos. I hope you still like these and will come back for my NZ adventure.
Outfit Details:
Grey choker jumper from Missguided
Bag from Mulberry
By Women Fashion Trend 2020