Where to find Cherry Blossoms in Sydney

I have to admit I’ve never been to Japan yet but if I go I want to visit when it is Sakura season. However, because Sydney has 4 seasons we also get to experience cherry blossoms bloom in Spring which is happening right here right now.
And if you want to see more of it then come to Japanese garden in Auburn Botanic Gardens which is in the western Sydney. There is a Cherry Blossom festival that lasts for 2 weeks prior to Spring. We went there on the last day but we couldn’t find parking so we let it go and came back a week after. It was better though because I wouldn’t have this cherry blossom lane all to myself.
This place is special to me because this is where I got married many moons ago. When hubby and I came here last week to take these photos there was a wedding going on too, I think this place provides a spectacular photoshoot backdrops. We went to different parts of the garden though we barely touched the whole place. It was starting to drizzle so we stayed in the areas near the entrance only but you can still see how much beauty this place has.
My toddler came with us and was busy stepping in puddles, he only stopped when he saw the male peacock. When we went to the lake I wanted a photo with hubby to replicate the one we had on our wedding but we were scared our little boy would accidentally fall so we will just leave that the next time we’ll swing by this place.
I don’t know why cherry blossoms have to come when it is still cold. I could have just worn sleeveless maxi dress without a care to the weather but it was still nippy that day that I had to wear some kind of coat. Luckily, I brought this sleeveless furry vest which really saved me from getting sick. This pink stripe maxi dress has 2 slits and has a bow in the back which unfortunately I can’t show. It was long for me so I wore a sky high heels with red and pink colour block design which were given by my sis-n-law 2 weeks ago just in time for this photoshoot.
Now let’s talk about my jewellery, I got these rose gold layer necklace and bracelet from Happiness Boutique, aren’t they lovely? I’ve been looking for a bracelet like this, so glad I found it here in my most favourite colour for a jewellery. Check out Happiness Boutique for their trendy collection of fashion jewellery with a charming vintage touch. They offer worldwide FREE standard shipping and have a cool customer reward program. You can use my code busyandfab upon check-out to get 10% discount for orders over 19 Euros and it is valid until 6th of October 2019.
Maxi dress from Atmos
Bag strap from J. W. Anderson
Necklace and Bracelet from Happiness Boutique
Sponsored by Women Fashion Trend 2020