What to do in New Zealand south island

This is my 2nd part of What to do in NZ south island post, if you miss and want to see the 1st. On the second day at Wanaka, we felt we’re ready to hit the snow and ski or so we thought. After breakfast we headed to Treble Cone which is the nearest ski field and about 20 mins drive only. As we drove in the access road to Treble Cone my oldest son became jittery because it was really steep. I was getting scared too so about 1/5 of the way we headed back down. While discussing what to do next at the foot of the mountain, we saw the beautiful scenery of Mt Aspiring National Park in the distance and the Twin Falls right in front of us. We also noticed the little stones with different minerals which mostly were quartz and pyrite right where we were standing. We haven’t even gone far, yet we discovered this exciting nature around us (see top 3 photos).
To replace our cancelled skiing, we headed to Omarama for our next thing to do in NZ. So the list continues…
4. Soak in Omarama Hot Tub
I don’t know what’s with me and heights but I was also glued to my seat on our way to Omarama which took almost 2 hours of driving. It was good I was able to capture some scenic spots and did a video but I was scared most of the time especially when we’re driving along Lindis Pass in the Alpine Highway. It turned out to be one of the most dangerous roads in NZ along with Treble Cone access road. It’s a long stretch of road in dark valleys and high hills. You have to watch my video to see my road adventure in the bottom of this post.
But I forgot my jitters as soon I soaked in the hot tub that had a fascinating views of the lake next to it and the snow capped mountain in the distance.
5. Head to a ski field and ski all day long
Oh well, this was why we came here but it only happened on the 3rd day. We went to another ski field called Snow Farm where the access road was still winding but not as steep as Treble Cone. Yet, I was still scared to death (I shouldn’t have left home see my video). Other ski fields around the area are Cardrona Alpine Resort and The Remarkables.
Surprise, surprise when we reached the top I remembered why I booked us tickets and went all those headaches of travelling. My boys took ski lessons while my toddler and I made snow balls and played snow angels, nothing more fun than that. Plus I got more time taking very cool photos and videos.
6. Drink lavender tea and shop at Lavender Farm
You must know me by now that I can’t go somewhere without indulging on pretty looking food and drink or shopping for something cute. Indeed on our last full day, instead of trying out another ski field we just headed to the farm, not ordinary one but a Lavender farm. This was not in my original itinerary but I was so pleased when I learned that there’s a Lavender farm in Wanaka.
The shop was so pretty inside and fragrant and half of it was a café that served all kinds of teas, muffins and lavender scones. My sis, my niece and I decided to sit down by the window and had a morning tea, I chose lavender tea of course. This was the time when the bigger boys were about to feel bored but they got a lavender ice cream which was the yummiest ice cream I’ve tasted but only next to chocolate because I’m a chocoholic. And I got me a lavender extract for my diffuser at home. I went to the garden for these splendid purple photos, enjoy!
Please watch my video that I also posted in my You Tube channel, it shows the 1st part of what to do in New Zealand.
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Grey shearling coat from Decjuba
2 tone jeans from Decjuba
Red bag from Proenza Schouler
Boots from Dr. Martens
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