The most Instagrammable café in Sydney

Gone are the days where we only considered the taste of a coffee when we think of going to a café. These days (girls especially) also think of the aesthetics and the physical look whether or not we can find an instagrammable spot for our social media feeds. I am so guilty of this which my husband can never relate but just goes with me anyway although with eyebrows raised when he sees girls suddenly take a selfie or worse line up in the most coveted spot with a photographer in tow.
If you’re in Sydney and haven’t been to the Grounds of Alexandria, what are you waiting for? It’s been there since 2012 and has changed different concepts for their seasonal themes. I was there in January and they had this Cherry Blossom Lane, these days they have a different one which I still have to check out.
Our January visit was special for me as I went with my boys, mum, niece and nephew. It was my niece’s shout for my birthday, as if she hasn’t done enough already
By Women Fashion Trend 2020