The famous polka-dot blouse fashion bloggers adore

First time when I saw this polka-dot blouse on Instagram, I thought it was an expensive designer creation. Then I went shopping for one weekend and spotted it in Zara! I took the last one available in my size and I realized pretty quickly — it’s going to be a hit! I try to avoid Zara shopping as much as I can, but… oh, men! Sometimes they have such beautiful pieces it’s hard to resist!
My shopping didn’t end only with polka-dot. If you saw my stories on Instagram you probably already know that… Ehh yes, the discipline went wrong again! In any case, I love this top so much. The only problem is…I’m not the only one! I already saw this top in so many photos on Instagram!
They sell the same one only in green color. Pretty nice choice if you don’t want to risk passing by someone who is wearing exactly same clothing. I think green is also trending, but not that much.
Anyhow, I felt so confident and brave to wear my new top with bright pink trousers and my super interesting Francesco Russo heels! We couldn’t avoid starring taking photos in the most crowded place in Milan, and yet, it was so much fun. I’m starting to love Milan more and more.
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