Workout Wednesday with AyAyAy

Who does't love a good sweaty workout?! You know what I love even better.... looking fashionable while I get my sweat on ;) I was so thrilled when I got approached by AyAyAy to try out some of their new apparel. What I love about this line is the fun bold colors, and it incorporates lace up details that is reminiscent of ballet.
Now I'll be the first to admit that I am a bit of a workout apparel snob. To me the difference between so-so workout gear, and OMG-AMAZING workout gear is the fabric content. There is nothing worse than wearing a pair of leggings during a workout, and the next thing you know you get stretched-out saggy butt (face with no good gesture emoji)! AyAyAy kills it in the fabric department! The leggings have the perfect amount of stretch, and will lock-n-load ya in the waist!
Wednesdays are by far one of my favorite days to blog. I love writing about new active brands, workouts, nutrition, and health. Now you tell me, what would you like to see more of for "Wellness/Workout Wednesdays?" Also for all my barre-tenders, I'm thinking about doing a PB modification post for injuries? What you think? Also what type of injuries would you need modifications for?
Let me just make a shout out to Rachael from Rachael Pearce Photography, and say how much I love these photos she shot of me! For those who are Arizona residents, make sure you check out the Rachael Pearce giveaway on J Petite. You can enter everyday by sharing the giveaway link on Facebook!
As always thanks for following and reading! XO

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