The Best Bare Accessory With VV Attire

I'm not sure what it is, but if you do barre the chances are you're probably obsessed. Hello my name is Jessica, and I am a barre addict.
There are others out there just like me who are completely obsessed. Now this obsession goes a little deeper than just the workout, and you find yourself wearing anything and everything that resembles barre. Back when I worked at Nordstrom there was a shirt I was coveting that said "Barre by day, and bar by night." I wanted it just because it said barre, but couldn't get myself to buy it because I don't drink.
When I see something with a barre saying, I go "coo coo for cocoa puffs." I was so excited when VV Attire reached out to me to try their grippy barre socks for 3 reasons 1) a girl can never have too many barre socks 2) they come in "Pure Barre" red, and 3) they had one of my favorite cues on the toe "You've got this." One of the hardest parts of PB, I think, is during thigh work. That's when you first develop that deep shake in class. There's nothing quite like when you want to come out of form, and you look down at your toes to see "You've got this" to remind yourself "Hey, I do got this." It's those little reminders that keep you pushing just when you're on the brink of losing your shake.
Definitely check out these amazing barre socks Today, and 10% of the proceeds goes toward animal rescues. I think this company gets two thumbs up from me, and two paws up from Django.

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