Winter Style: Weekend Comfort

Puffer: SAM ‘Andi’ (wearing a small) | Leggings: Commando (wearing a small) | Sneakers: Golden Goose |
How was everyone’s weekend? I came back from Miami on Saturday night after a whirlwind two days. It was one of those trips that was so much fun, but I came back even more exhausted. Does anyone else get so wiped out from flying? Whether I’m flying one hour or cross country, it always sucks all the energy out of me.
Needless to say, yesterday, I wore the above outfit. I was craving comfort and didn’t want to be bothered with much makeup or  thinking about what to wear. To be honest, normally, I wouldn’t post this outfit on the blog. I feel like it’s not "blog worthy," but I’ve gotten quite a few requests for more casual outfits, so here you go.
These Golden Goose sneakers, which I always get a ton of questions on, are definitely a splurge, but they’re pretty much 1 out of 2 sneakers that I always wear. While they did take a few wears to break in, now they’re incredibly comfy! I’m not the biggest sneaker person, but I do like having a pair I love for the days I want 100% pure comfort.
Do you all want to see more casual outfits or nah?

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