White is Right For Spring

 Who doesn't love a good pair of white jeans?! Yes white denim is a little scary, and you may constantly ask yourself..
"Do these make me look skinny?"
"Can you see through these?"
"Wait....what underwear am I wearing?"
"Freak, did I just spill on myself?"
White denim may be a little intimidating to some, but it's actually such a great way to jump into spring. After season after season it seems to be that the white trend is always a reoccurring thing for spring. What I love most about wearing the white trend is that I always feel refreshed and rejuvenated  after coming out of the dark winter wear. White is so crisp, clean, polished, and can even be worn from head to toe for a modern monochromatic look. One of my favorite ways to wear white for spring is rocking white airy dresses. Outfits soon to come ;)
When I got these jeans in from LookMazing I was beyond thrilled that they offered Rag and Bone in a size 23! Even though I have a pair of white denim hanging in my closet already I couldn't pass up these distressed ones! After receiving these in the mail I immediately wore them the next day as I was running errands around the city. I loved pairing this super comfy chambray top with my jeans to keep my outfit light with pops of camel from my accessories and shoes.

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