What to Wear to a Bridal Shower

If there is one thing I know for certain it it this.
Wedding season is here!!
Weddings are such a magical time in a woman's life where she gets to plan the wedding of her dreams, marry her prince charming, and indulge in the premarital planning bliss. Before any bride walks down the isle to say "I do," she is first showered by her friends and family to celebrate her as the future Mrs. While it's crucial for guests to dress up to code for the actual wedding the same rules apply to dressing for the bridal shower.
Here are some things to consider when picking out your attire for a bridal shower.

Try to Avoid White

Even though it may be in the middle of spring, and you are just dying to wear white to a bridal shower luncheon avoid doing so. This is the one time that the future Mrs will have her very own shower so let her be the one to wear white. There's nothing worst than a guest of the shower mistaking you for the bride that day.

Consider What Time of Day the Shower Is Scheduled For

Showers are held at all times of the day from morning, afternoon, and into the evening - and the different time slots will have different dress codes. When showers are held in the morning/afternoon opt for a feminine dress. Showers that are held in the evening (depending on location) have a little bit more variability in apparel ranging from dresses to going out attire. Whatever time the shower is held out a good rule of thumb is to keep the attire classy and not trashy.

Where is the Shower Located

The location of the shower is crucial in deciding what you will wear. If the shower is a garden party outside try going for floral dresses with wedges or flats. When the shower is at the home of a conservative relative opt for apparel that is modest. If everyone will be going out for the evening then more flexibility is given in what you can wear.
When I saw this dress I immediately knew it would be perfect for my friends shower a few weeks ago. Her shower was held on a farm, and was absolutely stunning. I was so devastated that I actually missed the shower because I ended up getting sick in bed!

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