What's In My Bag: #ItsInTheBag2019 Nappy Bag For Share The Dignity

A special what's in my bag post today as I'm sharing what I have pulled together for Share the Dignity's It's In The Bag Christmas campaign!
Share The Dignity provides sanitary products to those in need across Australia and every year at Christmas time they have the drive to donate a little more than just pads or tampons.
You can fill a new or gently used bag with some essentials and a few (non-food) treats to make a woman, teen or new mum smile. Last year I donated a handbag for a woman in need, this year I am donating a nappy bag for a mum and baby.

What's Inside My Nappy Bag:

It's In The Bag Christmas Campaign Share the Dignity Nappy Bag | awayfromblue blog
A little more about what's in the bag and why is in my video!

I had so much fun putting this bag together! As you can see, it had to be quite a big bag to fit all the essentials in it so I went with this pink and grey Kmart gym bag. Nothing else was big enough! I had forgotten just how many things you need as a new mum, now my youngest is 3 and a half! I ticked off all of the essentials from the list for mum (things like breast pads, maternity pads, shower gel, shampoo and conditioner) and for baby (nappies, wipes, nappy balm). With the little space I had left I added some extras for mum, like a hairbrush, lip balm, tote bag and of course a little hand written card.
I can't imagine being a new mum at Christmas time in a shelter or homeless and so I hope that this bag helps a little. While I picked up a lot on sale spreading my shopping out over time, I also picked up things we use and love at home for the boys. I've shared my review of the Mater baby products before on the blog when I collaborated with them, but this post, like last years It's In The Bag post, was not paid for in any way and I purchased the Mater products myself.

Ways You Can Help

  • Share The Dignity has some great ideas about what you can put in your bag to give to a woman, mother or child in need. See what to put in a bag for a lady, teen or new mum. You can donate your bag at your local Bunnings from Friday 22nd November to Saturday 7th November.
  • If you don't have a new or gently used bag to donate to the Christmas campaign, why not take part in the sanitary products drive in April or August next year?
  • If you're not in Australia and still want to help women in need, have a look and see if there are any charities in your country that put together blessing bags. Similar things I found on google are blessing bags in the US and bags of kindness in the UK.

What You Can Include In Your Nappy Bag:

There are so many ways to give back at Christmas time. If your heart aches for men, women, children, mothers, animals or families in need, Christmas is a great time to give back. I loved being able to do a little something for a struggling mum this year and hope in some small way it brings a little joy at Christmas time.
I'd love to do this again next year too! Have you done something like this before? What should I include in my next bag?
Note: My posts, like this one, are usually written 2-3 weeks in advance. I had to add on this updated note though. We are safe from the bushfires, as are our family and friends. For ways to help. Sponsored by Women Fashion Trend 2020