Mirena IUD Questions Answered

So today is going to be....umm....well.....
a little awkward.
Lets talk IUDs. There I said it. Woo....awkwardness just flew out the door. Some of you might be wondering why the freak would I be talking about an IUD?! Good question. For those who know me personally have chatted with me, and have asked many questions about my experience with the Mirena IUD. Whats it like? Do you gain weight? Did it hurt?
Now I am not a health professional by any means, but I want to share with you my own experience with Mirena to give those who are interested some insight on how it affected me. Just like anything that deals with health everyones bodies are different, and my experience may be different than others. Always consult your doctor when looking into getting an IUD.
Now lets get into the meat and potatoes of this post.
What made you want to get an IUD?
When Todd and I were engaged I had to decide what kind of birth control that I wanted to get on that would fit my lifestyle, and hopefully insure that no babies would be formed on our honeymoon. My friends that got married before me were all primarily on the pill, and naturally I thought that would be my first route. When thinking about it more and more I am such a space case sometimes, and was worried that I would forget taking the pill daily. Again, I was definitely not ready to play mommy (still am not 5 years later). When researching my options I came across some information about IUDs. I had a friend who was on the copper IUD, and had a horrible experience with heavy bleeding. Definitely staying away from that. HELL NO TO HEAVY FLOW! I then came across a low hormone IUD called the Mirena, and lasted 5 years (7 years in the UK according to my dr). When reading about this birth control I decided that this would be the perfect fit for me. The next thing I know I was calling all around the valley to find a doctor under my insurance. When calling around it was shocking to see not many doctors were not willing to put an IUD in a girl that has never had a child before because the risk of it getting dislodged. After phone call after phone call I finally found a doc that would do the procedure 2 weeks before my wedding.
Did the IUD hurt to put in?
When setting up my appointment over the phone they told me to bring someone who could drive me home because I would feel cramping immediately after. I took the day off work, and had my mom come with me to my appointment. While sitting in the waiting room filling out paperwork my mom says to me "Hey, this is were I go." Ok that's not awkward at all..... When my name finally got called back I met my doctor for the first time. Before even introducing myself my doctor and mom embraced each other with a hug. Ok.....umm....boarderline awkward. My mom then says "Jess, you didn't tell me you were seeing him!" "I've been going to him for years, and so has your sisters."
If my face could blush I think I would have been beet red at that moment. Awkward moment over, let's get back to the story. Before inserting the device my doc showed me the IUD, and how he will insert it with a vagina model. He then followed up his vagina Mirena puppet show with discussing the risks with an IUD such as increased risk of ectopic pregnancy, pelvic inflammatory disease, perforation, and etc. After the mandatory chit chat was done, it was time for business. When my doc was putting in the IUD I have never felt so much pain in my life for a straight 5 minutes. I was so grateful that I had my mom there to hold my hand, and wipe my tears away from the excruciating pain. They gave me a pad to put in my underwear to soak up the blood from the spotting I would experience for the next couple hours. For the whole day I had the worst cramps I have ever had in my life times 10. The pain lasted until the next day, but after that I felt back to normal.
Do you feel the Mirena IUD or does your husband during sex?
I have never felt the IUD in me, and Todd has never said that he has felt it.
Did you have any side effects from the Mirena?
Ughh...yes. Before getting on my IUD I did a round of Accutane for a couple months to clear up my skin (I've never had horrible acne). I got done with my Accutane treatment in February, and was acne free up until I got my IUD. A week later after I got my IUD I woke up to huge pustules on my face. Please note this is a week before my wedding. Freaking out was a understatement. I have never ever experienced acne like this, and it was covering all over my jaw line. I called my doc right away, and he said that I was apart of that 10% that produce excess androgens thus leading the the massive acne flare. My doc then put me on intense steroids that would clear me up. "Just to let you know Jessica, this could make you gain weight." Great. That's the last thing you want to hear a week before your wedding. That whole week I was watching my diet like a hawk, and ended up not gaining an ounce. Ever since I got back from my honeymoon I started talking a pill called Spironolactone to counter act my acne, which has been working out pretty well for 5 years. In the beginning I wanted the IUD so I didn't have to take a pill, but it turns out I need to take a pill daily for my acne from the Mirena. For the past 5 years I have not experienced weight gain, excessive moodiness, or anything else that would concern me.
Do you have a period?
No I don't which has been soooooooo nice. I dread going back to a normal cycle. When I first got my IUD I did bleed straight from October to December, and then nothing after that. I have gotten some spotting less than 5 times since I have had it for 5 years. My sister in law who got married the year after me had gotten the Mirena, and didn't bleed like I did. It's weird how everyone's bodies respond differently. I actually love having the Mirena because I used to get bad cramps during my menstrual cycle, and the Mirena has decreased my cramps by ten fold. I also don't get as bloated when the time of the month comes.
Overall I have absolutely loved having the Mirena IUD, and it has worked out for me and my lifestyle. If you have any questions at all feel free to email me.

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