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Today I'm pleased to introduce to you one of my best friends Shannon Bird from Bird a La Mode. After having two beautiful kids, Shannon still looks as amazing as she did pre-baby. Today she will be discussing her workout that shed her baby weight.
Running sprints has dramatically changed my body! I hit a plateau in my weight loss and I was totally fine with it. I recently got tired of just running on the treadmill for a concistant time and speed. So I decided to do sprints. I run for the same amount of time still but I feel twice as worked after my workout. And twice as sweaty:) Here is how I do my sprints 2 min speed 8 3 min speed 4 I do this 6 times and I have NEVER noticed results like I have! I only do this twice a week. I let my muscles recover. If you never let your muscles recover you will cause bulk! I want long and lean.
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