Weekly Roundup

Black Dinner Jacket //
This week definitely had me back in the New York groove. I was running all over town and getting ready for a big client event next week as well. I’m already starting to feel like this is the start of the work marathon that will go till the end of the year – anyone else!?
This weekend I’m looking forward to enjoying the Indian summer weather, celebrating my friend’s birthday and spending time exploring pockets of my neighborhood. Do you guys have any fun plans?!


  • Paid a visit to the beautiful Lulu Frost showroom to see what’s coming out next year. Their new arrivals are also gorgeous.
  • Caught up with girlfriends at Wallflower which is a new favorite in the West Village.
  • Finished "The Ramblers" which I really enjoyed as a good, light read.
  • Completed one week gluten free! It’s been ages since I kept this up and oh man the first few days are so, so hard. I am going to cheat at a friend’s birthday party tomorrow night where pizza is on the menu but it’s back to it Sunday. I think my system has been needing this less gluten / less sugar thing to try and feel a little lighter and a little more energized.

xoxo by fashion for womens