Weekly Roundup

Summer Casual
This week was NUTS! I did so many shoots and also had a lot of items for work going on. Not to mention some work being done on my apartment. I felt like I was running around with my head cutoff and the crazy heat and humidity didn’t help either.
As for this weekend, it’s one of my last ones in the city for the summer! I’m going to seek out a fun outdoor bar and perhaps head to the beach on Sunday! Tomorrow I’m hitting up something on my bucket list in honor of celebrating my intern Kate’s 1 year anniversary on the wit & whimsy team! Follow along on Instagram to see what we’re up to ;).
Have a great weekend you guys!


  • Did a special shoot on the top of the Empire State Building – more to come! (Sneak peek here!)
  • Caught up with a friend I met on my recent trip to France. We went to a gorgeous wine bar I’d never been to before.
  • Prepped my apartment to be shot (reveal coming soon!)
  • Took a few workout classes and kept up with my TA Arms routine (I feel like maybe I’m finally starting to see results!?)

xoxo by fashion for womens