Weekly Roundup

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This week was my first full week living and working in my new place! It’s definitely an adjustment as the new borough feels more suburban and feels like a slower pace.
With my new location, I am working to be more conscious about the meetings and events I book in the city so that I don’t spend a ton of time shuttling back and forth! I did however decide spontaneously to take the East River Ferry home on Wednesday from the FiDi and it was so fun! Such a better experience than the subway yet still only $2.75. I am already enjoying being so near the waterfront and having all new neighborhood nooks and crannies to explore.
This weekend I’m staying in town to hang with friends and hopefully do some more exploring while also playing catchup on some personal upkeep like getting my hair and nails done (both of which I am way overdue!) Next week is my birthday so it’ll be a fun week ahead no doubt!
Have a great weekend you guys! xx


  • I signed up for the first time for Blue Apron! I’ve been loving cooking in my new kitchen so I decided to give this a go. Have any of you tried it?!
  • Unboxed the limited edition Birchbox x Vogue 125th anniversary box and you guys, it is MAJOR! Products from so many of my favorite brands (NARS, Herbivore, AERIN to name a few) are included and multiple items are full size! Its value is $224 but they are being sold for $68 are 100% worth it! Hop to…!
  • I decided to get back to doing Tracy Anderson’s arms workout whenever possible. My goal is 3x per week. I was pretty consistent last summer and definitely saw results but with everything going on recently my workout game has suffered! Started getting back at it this week. I also re-started my Classpass membership so I can begin adding more variety back into my workouts.
  • Got a much needed pedicure thanks to Sally Hansen at tenoverten.

xoxo by fashion for womens