Waiting Room

Well, this is probably one of the most transparent posts I've written in quite awhile, but as I've seen in my own life, and in talking with others, it's something I'm not alone in experiencing. I share these thoughts in hopes that it will encourage you, wherever you may be in your life journey.
One of the most challenging things to do is to wait patiently for something that you want to happen, especially when you see others getting opportunities all around you. (We’ll leave the topic of comparison for another time, however!) It's really easy to make things look picture perfect and to gloss over feelings, but If I’m being transparent, I’d say that it’s very challenging at times to be patient in waiting for the right guy to walk into my life. I’m at an age where many of my friends are getting engaged, and I’ve been invited to many a wedding. It sometimes seems like everyone around me is in relationships, and I’m still single. In talking with friends, I know I'm not the only one to feel this way, but the feelings of loneliness can make it seem as though you're the only one experiencing this. I recently chatted with one of my good friends about the fact that there's been opportunities to jump into a relationship up to this point, but that’s just the thing, I’m not interested in just getting into a relationship because "everyone else is doing it" or because I want someone to be in my life. There's been plenty of wonderful people, but things just haven’t felt right, for one reason or another, and I keep getting reminders from people in my life to hold out for the right person. It’s hard though. Sometimes it’s very frustrating to see some of your closest friends happy with their significant others, and to still be in waiting.
What encourages me is that God knows who the right guy is. He is growing him into the leader, support and incredible man of God that will inspire & challenge me to become a better person. Over the past few weeks, multiple people, unbeknownst to each other, have gone out of their way to tell me how incredible the guy that I'll marry one day will need to be. It’s really cool to see how God speaks through others to remind me that in time, my patience will pay off. I’m reminded of the time I danced the role of Princess Aurora in the ballet, Sleeping Beauty. In the story, the prince had to journey and fight off the evil witch and her minions before he could awake the princess. Meanwhile, Aurora had been asleep for 100 years in waiting for her Prince Charming. While I hope that my time of waiting isn’t as lengthy as hers, it is an excellent example of how her patience was rewarded. It’s easy to say, "But why can’t I know him now?"; however, had Aurora met her prince any earlier, he would not have needed to prove himself and to fight for her. The prince needed to grow into his destiny as well as the role of her protector & hero before she was to meet him. I don’t know the future, but perhaps the man God has in store for me has some growing to do, and battles yet to fight before we meet. There are also many areas in which I know I can become better before meeting my prince, and so in waiting, I am not uselessly sitting around, wasting time, but instead, I’m investing the time, talents and gifts that God has placed within to become more of the person I was created to be. Do I still get impatient and anxious to meet him at times? Absolutely, but I have to continue to trust in God and his timing. While it may be difficult to be patient, it is always worthwhile to wait on the Lord.
Perhaps you're in a waiting season as well, maybe not for the same reason, but you're hoping to get an answer, or a direction of sorts. God says that His thoughts and ways are not ours, and that His timing is always perfect. Sometimes the waiting season can be restorative and exciting, with opportunities to learn and grow, even in the midst of the patience process, and other times it can feel long and drawn out, and dry as desert sands. May I encourage you to be refreshed in your patience, and to trust...trust that God is working all things together for your good, He knows the future. All good things take time! His hand is on your life, and he knows your thoughts, your heart's desires, and the dreams in your mind. Be willing to give up your control and your agenda, and exchange it for His perfect one. He knows best, and will bring the right person, direction, or answer to you in his timing. You see, sometimes, it's in those desert seasons that God is trying to grow you, or teach you something you never would have been receptive to otherwise...instead of focusing on what you don't have, or complaining about what someone else is doing, be open and observant of what God is doing in your life. Patience pays off.

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