Valentines Day Outfit

I can't wait for January to be done, and welcome in February! February is a big month for me because   two of my in laws will celebrate their anniversaries, Valentines Day, and Todd's birthday (I'm ready to welcome in his big 3-0!!) Since V-day and Todd's birthday are so close to one another, we usually do a combined celebration over an expensive dinner. This year Todd told me he didn't want anything for his birthday, which pains me since I love giving! One of my favorite gifts I got Todd was something I made. I took a deck of cards, mounted them on cute card stock, and explained 52 reasons why I loved him! I spent days at mama Nish's house crafting away!! Even though it took FOREVVVVVVVVVER to make, I was pretty proud how it turned out.
What are some hand crafted gifts you've made for Valentines day?

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