V-Neck Tees Knotted Over Tiered Sundresses With Rebecca Minkoff Love Bag

I'm a little sad that Kmart hasn't brought these strappy tiered sundresses back again this year, I was so hoping they would! They are such a staple in my wardrobe and they aren't just worn in the summer months. Today I'm sharing two spring outfits I made with them by knotting some tees over the top. I did this in winter too with knits.

What I wore:

orange tee knotted over black printed tiered sundress with colourful accessories | awayfromblue
little black dress with Rebecca Minkoff Love cross body bag in grey | awayfromtheblue
awayfromtheblue Instagram | marigold orange tee with black sundresses knotted spring layer bright necklace love bag
Necklace: Ruby Olive Art series long striped pod necklace
Tee: Jeanswest essential v-neck tee in marigold
Dress: Kmart Aztec print tiered little black dress
Shoes: Rebecca Minkoff Georgina studded gladiator sandals in blush
Bracelets: the usual plus mixed metal bracelet stack
Bag: Rebecca Minkoff Love cross body bag in grey

Why I wore it:

I wore this a little bit too late for Halloween! But I did like the black and orange combo. This v-neck tee is a recent purchase from the Jeanswest sale. I picked it up as I loved the orange, and went to try it on. Then it looked so mustard in the change room. I asked the SA as I was buying it, it's definitely not mustard right?! ha! I do love mustard but I already have a mustard tee.
Like you do with a new purchase, I wanted to wear this shortly after I bought it and realised it would be a great pop of colour with this little black tiered sundress. With the nude studded gladiator sandals and the grey Rebecca Minkoff love bag, I wanted to add a little more colour to the outfit and this Ruby Olive necklace was perfect! It was a Christmas gift from my bestie last year.
I liked the slight extra warmth this tee gave layered over the sundress for church too - always so cold in church with the aircon!
Last worn: black Aztec print dress, statement necklace, studded gladiator sandals, Rebecca Minkoff Love bag. First time I've worn the tee as it was a recent purchase.
Other ways to wear: black Aztec print dress and denim jacket, studded gladiator sandals worn 30 ways, Rebecca Minkoff Love bag and jeans.
Perfect for pregnancy: Rebecca Minkoff Love bag in second trimester.

30 Ways To Wear: Rebecca Minkoff Love Cross Body Bag

What I wore:

grey v neck tee knotted over printed tiered sundress with ankle boots love bag | away from blue
blush printed sundress with Rebecca Minkoff Love cross body bag in grey | away from the blue
awayfromblue Instagram | mum style church outfit knotted grey tee over tiered printed sundress with rebecca minkoff love bag
Necklace: ZuriCollections blue polymer clay necklace
Tee: Spectrum basic v-neck tee in grey marl
Dress: Kmart strappy tiered sundress in watercolour blue and blush print
Shoes: RMK Chester black ankle boots
Bag: Rebecca Minkoff Love cross body bag in grey

Why I wore it:

Another outfit I wore to church, another tee knotted over a sundress! Unlike the first outfit, I let the dress be the colour with the blue and pink print and went with a neutral grey tee to match the Rebecca Minkoff Love bag. Picked the black ankle boots as I wore this a few weeks before the first outfit, where I wanted a little extra warmth for the cooler spring morning. It turned into a beautifully warm day by the afternoon though.
This grey tee is such a wardrobe staple - I have a 30 ways to wear post coming up with it soon because I've finally achieved over 30 wears with it. It was one of the pieces I searched through my blog archives for first when I heard about the 30 wears challenge, so sure that I'd have already hit 30 wears with it! I have finally got over 30 wears with it now, and I've been putting a 30 wears post together every month for almost 2 years, haha!
I knotted this tee to the side but I preferred the way I knotted the tee in the first outfit, making the knot more of a statement.
Last worn: grey v-neck tee, blush and blue sundress, beaded necklace, black ankle boots, Rebecca Minkoff love bag (above).
Other ways to wear: grey v-neck tee and maxi skirt, blush and blue sundress and pink bag, black ankle boots worn 30 ways , Rebecca Minkoff love bag worn 30 ways.
Perfect for pregnancy: grey v-neck tee in second trimester, black ankle boots in second trimester , Rebecca Minkoff love bag in third trimester.

V-Neck Tees Under $50:

How You Can Wear It

A v-neck tee is a wardrobe staple and pairs so nicely with denim - jeans or shorts! For something a little different and for a cooler spring or autumn day, try layering a tee over one of your fave summer dresses to create a whole new look!

What I Bought In November:

I'd usually do an extra post for this with a video but I've been a bit unwell this month and lost my voice for over a week so I'm just adding a little note onto this post. I also only bought three things:
  • Jeanswest essential v-neck tee in marigold
  • Jeanswest Eliza summer poncho in yellow floral
  • thrifted magenta pink statement beaded necklace
I used up the last of my Christmas gift cards in the Jeanswest 40% off sale to pickup some colourful pieces for summer, and as I was hunting the opshops for books for our Christmas book advent calendar I couldn't resist this cute necklace for just $3!
Here's how I've worn it all:
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