Turning to The Dark Side

For those who have been following for me for a while one thing you might notice is that I hardly wear black. I don't have any type of aversion to the color black in fact a couple years ago black was one of the dominant colors in my closet! Two years before I started my blog I made it a New Years resolution to start wearing more color. There is something about color that makes an outfit immediately more fun!
After I made my resolution I refused to buy anything in black! Fast forward three years later, and black is the smallest section in my closet. I went from one extreme to another, and now I am trying to incorporate more blacks and greys into my wardrobe. I was so excited when I got this top from Wren & Ivory because it gave me a little push to wear more black.
One of my favorite trends for fall has always been leather. I love how this shirt has the faux leather sleeves and collar giving it a twist on the everyday t-shirt. Wren and Ivory are killing it with the leather trend, and also have this darling peplum leather top. They also have a sequin sleeve sweater that is absolutely adorable.
When looking through Wren & Ivory's site they offer unique apparel for the everyday girl, and have a price point that can fit everyone's budget. Make sure you check them out today, and find some amazing new pieces for the holidays.

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