Trev (Danielle Watson) from This is England & This is England '86

Danielle Watson is a young actress who perfoms
in the film
This is England
and the tv show
This is England '86.
This is England
, Trev was a blondie skingirl that didn't say much during all the film, but in that time she catched up my eye for a strange reason.
In the Channel 4 serie,
This is England '86
(directed by Shane Meadows too), Trev is still with the gang of friends, and at the begining, she looks like another helper character, but everything changes in episode 3; I'm not telling you more because I want you to see the serie, wich is awesome!
The funny thing is that in the tv show, Trev is a redhead with a huge haircut that I love, so inspired on the original skingirls chelsey style!
I prefer her in redhead than in blonde, but she looks cute anyway, isn't she?
So, I hardly recomend you this serie; it ends next week and for those who doesn't speak a very good english I'm sorry to say that there are no subtitles by the moment... but I'm working on it :)!
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