The Only Show You Need to Watch on Netflix This Month

Gilmore Girls Revival on Netflix
Y’all probably know what show I’m talking about…
I still remember the day they announced the revival, almost as vividly as the births of my children. Gilmore Girls is practically sacred territory at the Rodriguez casa.
The revival is a four-part mini-series, each episode happening in the seasons of fall, winter, spring, and summer. It’s supposed to catch us up on the happenings of Rory, Lorelai, Luke, and all our beloved friends in Stars Hollow.
The show premieres on Netflix at midnight on November 25. Next week! Eeeee! So, we can all cozy up in our pajamas and eat leftovers as we watch, instead of mindlessly running through Target, threatening people’s lives if they don’t get their paws off that new 4K 60″ TV. That’s what Cyber Monday is for, ya goonies!
Word of caution: DO NOT Google the show for information. There are already loads of spoilers and reviews, and I don’t want any of you moping around because you were too nosy to wait like a normal person.
Now here’s a photo dump in homage to my favorite Gilmore Girls moments!
God bless you, Luke. (I’m really happy I have a child who shares the name.)
RORY AND JESS FOR LIFE. If he doesn’t make an appearance in this new show, I’m gonna be angry. Since we’re broaching the subject, here are my abridged, definitive opinions of her boyfriends: Dean was a limp noodle, Jess was the mega-babe rebel who actually did well for himself (the ending we all want to see for the bad boys we’ve loved in our lives), and Logan was a royal douche.
Here’s one more picture of them for good measure.
I want to be Emily when I grow up.
This sums up all of Lorelai’s quirky and fascinating personality.
And this is basically how giddy I feel about the whole thing.
Get out those calendars, and start your countdown! And if you’ve failed to watch the entire Gilmore Girls series up to this point, you better start binge-watching it like the Gilmores consume their coffee.
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