The Man Behind The Lens: Sergey Demko of Happy Medley

I am so excited to introduce you to the Man Behind the Lens this month! Meet Sergey Demko, the master photographer behind Anna's style blog, Happy Medley. Sergey works as a registered nurse, has a dry sense of humor with lots of sarcasm, loves his coffee in a very specific way (i.e. has to be ground by hand and pressed with manual french press), great at detailed and scrupulous work, and completes Anna as a foodie.
Anna has the cutest bump and is an awesome source of inspiration for maternity style. We can all thank Sergey for that! ;) Let's hear what his two cents are on this whole fashion blogging world. (FYI, I laughed the entire time when I read through it.)
How long have you been the man behind the lens?
Since the beginning of the blog, which is almost three years
How do you feel about your role as the outfit photographer?
I want to support my wife in her venture, although I'm not always thrilled to do it. I'm glad to help her with something she likes to do.
What goes through your mind when Anna asks you to take a picture of her outfit?
I would say it depends on the outfit. Most outfits are stylish in my eyes but others I do not understand and ask her a couple of times if she's sure about the outfit. (Like the outfits with rain boots. Those are not fashionable at all, I think.)
How many photos do you generally have to take?
At least twenty or more.
What's the most ridiculous thing Anna has asked you to photograph?
High heels and short sleeves when it's snowing outside.
Is Anna bossy, or do you have a specific system down when taking photos?
I do what I'm told, generally.
What time of day do you usually take pictures?
In the afternoon, depending on the season.
When Anna asks you to take the pictures are you:
a. happy and willing
b. begrudgingly doing it because you don't want to deal with the consequences of saying no
c. indifferent
d. none of the above
e. no comment
f. all of the above, depending on the day. Sometimes she asks me at the wrong time and I do not want to do it, but there are more times when I think she looks gorgeous and want to take pictures.
How would you describe Anna's sense of style?
I would say her style is classy, reserved and modest.
Do you have any other input or thoughts you would like to add?
Oh we are done? I gotta go.
Aren't they the cutest? Thanks, Sergey for fitting us style blogging womenfolk into your busy schedule yet once again ;) And be sure to find Anna at her blog, Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest!
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