The “It” Bag for Fall

The "It" Bag for Fall

If there’s one giant way I take after my mom, it’s this: we both are obsessed with handbags. For as long as I’ve known her, my mom has always taken pride in her handbags, viewing them as investments and pieces that you hold on to for many years. For example, she carried a gorgeous Brahmin bag when I was in middle school… I vividly remember looking at her bag, feeling the smooth leather and thinking, "I hope when I’m older I have a grown-up bag like this!" That’s why today’s post is really special – it feels like a dream come true to partner with Brahmin many years later. In today’s post I’m carrying Brahmin’s newest bag for fall – the Mini Priscilla. Mine is the "cognac topsail" color, but I really love them all – it comes in ELEVEN different colors! The bag is large enough to fit my cell phone, keys and a makeup bag… and even comes with a nice leather strap to turn it into a crossbody. If you like larger bags, this one is similar but can hold more inside! You can check out all of Brahmin’s new fall handbags here.
P.S. Do you notice anything different today?! My site finally got a makeover!!! I am so so so happy and in love with the design, but still working out a few kinks over the next week I’m dying to know what you guys think! women fashion trends 2020

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