The 3 Most Instagramable Hotels In Ibiza

Ibiza is one of those places that has a mixed bag of things, never did I think the place had such instagramable places! I'm going to talk you through the 3 most instagramable hotels we found during our stay in Ibiza.

The 3 Most Instagramable Hotels In Ibiza
The Paradiso Art Hotel was literally a 5 minute walk from our hotel in San Josep/San Antonio. Every time we walked past it I kept saying how pretty it was. Covered in pink and pastel colours, beautiful entrance where you walk through and there's a room display on the right and Andy's on the left. It's such a stunning instagramable hotel that you definitely visit for those Insta shots and maybe a spot of lunch or just drinks in the sunshine surrounded by pink! Sounds like a dream to me!
Cubanito was a lucky find whilst I was looking around on Instagram on the Ibiza location tag. And I just had to find it! Thankfully it was on route to this Aquarium not far from San Antonio Bay. It's such a stunning retro style hotel which we didn't venture inside to (which we so should have!), but I suppose we can always go next time. I loved the car outside and the mint green colour of the hotel was stunning. Such a unique hotel and a bonus as to how instagramable it is of course.
Wiki-Woo Hotel was in THE nicest location round the corner from Mambo Cafe with a beautiful view of the sea and the perfect spot to see the Ibiza sunset everyday! It's a pink paradise full of cool things like, pink scooters, amazing interior and covered in pink palm trees! What more could you want?! It's just an instagram dream for sure.
Have you ever been to or stayed at any of these hotels in Ibiza?
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