Mango jacket  - mini bag | Zara top | Pepe Jeans coated jeans
Maybe not official yet but Autumn has definitely rushed its way back to the Netherlands. Yes, it's that time of the year again, talking about a short summer people.. You might have notice that I've been less active around my blog since I got back from holiday; so so sorry! I'm just really busy with everything and the weather doesn't cooperate ass well :( It has been raining all week and we just couldn't find the right time to shoot some outfit pictures, but we're working on it! :)
I'm leaving you guys with a short post today, wearing my two seasonal favorites from Mango; THE leather jacket and an awesome mini bag (you've probably seen them in my previous posts already). I'm that kind of person that drags literally her entire life in her bag but wow - it was such a huge relief when I got this mini bag and there was no more endlessly searching for my keys or mobile phone when needed, haha!

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