Target Does It Again

Greetings from Utah! Sorry this post is late getting up, but I've just been so busy hanging with my friends and family. I drive back to AZ on Sunday, and can't wait to tell you about my trip :) Follow me on snapchat chicutebrand to follow my adventures in UT.
A couple weeks ago I wore this outfit to a child's birthday party. The day before the party I went into my closet to decide my outfit, and I had one of those "I have nothing to wear" moments. Sometimes you want something new to feel cute in. I didn't want to spend tons of money or drive 30 minutes to Scottsdale to shop. Solution: Target! I love Target's junior section because 70% of the time their clothes fit. As I was browsing through the clothing section of the store I came across this adorable romper that is only $25! The romper passed the price range test, but would it pass the fit + fabric test?  I originally tried this romper on in blue, and fell in love with the scallop hems. I kept going back and forth between getting the white or blue one. When looking at myself in the mirror the romper fit like a dream, and was super comfortable in places where you don't want to feel a pull or tug. Fit test: check. This romper is 100% cotton, which will breath during the summer months in Arizona. Fabric test: check!
Happy Friday!

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