Take Me Home

Greetings from Utah! Currently Todd, Django, and I took a trip down from the 6-2-3 to the 8-0-1. Whenever we come home we jam pack our day from family dinners, friend lunches, teaching Pure Barre in Draper, shoots, and getting my hair done.
Yesterday we had a couple hours of down time so we decided to go explore Davis county, and see how to community has developed since we've been gone. As we were driving through the neighborhoods it was so refreshing to see greenery for days. With being in Arizona for two years I sometimes forget that there's something other than stucco, rocks, and Saguaro cacti that inhabits suburban landscape. Utah has been getting tons of rain lately, which has made everything beautiful and lush! Lucky us!!!
I miss Utah so bad every time I visit. Salt Lake is gorgeous, and I long for my mountains! Sigh....

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