Soho Sleek

Silk Romper: Anine Bing | Blazer: Theory | Shoes: Steve Madden | Belt: Vintage Chanel | Cuff: Hermes CDC | Bag: Celine | Sunglasses: Celine |
Happy Monday!
 Keith and I spent the majority of the weekend packing boxes since we have to be out of our current place by September 1st. It's so crazy, but you really don't realize just how much stuff you accumulate until you're forced to pack it all up. Then, we're probably going to airbnb it for a week or two before we're able to move into our new place. So, it should be an interesting couple of weeks (especially with two feisty terriers), but nothing like a good challenge to keep you going!
Now, on to the outfit! I picked up this silk romper several weeks ago and I have to say, it's one of the most versatile pieces I currently have in my closet. For a night time look, leave the blazer off and add a statement necklace. For colder months, I plan to throw on a pair of black opaque tights and some black booties.
Photos by Karen
xo, Helena

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