Sewing Patterns and Getting Started!

I love to sew, I even have a sewing tattoo—haha! But my skills are pretty minimal. I realized this past year that the best way for me to keep learning is to just start. Today, we’re partnering with JOANN to show you their amazing selection of sewing patterns and what you can make with them, whether you’re a beginner or more experienced!
Links- pattern, scissors.
Tips for using sewing patterns:
Start small with easy patterns.
I made this pig puppet in one night. It was very simple to put together, but I guarantee you if I would have tried to make it without a pattern, it wouldn’t have turned out so nicely. Remember, you can start with extremely simple patterns and grow your skills one project at a time. You can browse the patterns online or even on the JOANN app- there’s an iOS and Android version.
As an enneagram seven, I am the type of person who wants to sew an elaborate Halloween costume for my very first project. But it’s SO much more encouraging to choose a simple pattern and be able to complete it really quickly.
Remember you can modify patterns to make your dream DIYs!
No matter what you’re sewing, a pattern can help. Even if you know exactly how you want your pillow or apron or shower curtain to look, it still takes a lot more trial and error to sew without a pattern. They can save you a lot of time.
Don’t forget you can make more than just clothing.
My favorite things to browse when looking for patterns (well, besides baby clothes!) are home decor and crafts. There are so many super useful patterns that can save you money or help you get the look you can’t find in stores. A few interesting ones I saw were crib linens and pillows.
Use your imagination.
The examples for the sewing patterns may not be your style, but make sure to imagine it with your fabric and styling.
Links: Adult pattern and kiddo pattern.
Mallory sewed these two dresses for Nova and I (from the patterns linked above) for Easter. We’re so excited!!!!
If you have any questions about finding or using patterns, we’re here to help! xx – Els

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