Say Hello To My Little Food Blog

You guys, I went and did the dang thing. I started a food blog! Call me awesome, or call me crazy, but I have never felt anything so right. (In regard to blogging, that is.) Something deep in my soul and guts tells me this is exactly where I should be, so I am taking that as a good omen. And let me tell you that it already off to a fantastic start.
I've been sharing recipes here for a couple of years now, and have grown to love food styling and photography. Like, I-want-to-marry-you-and-live-happily-ever-after kind of love. But, I didn't want to turn this blog into a food blog. Heaven knows it doesn't need another category change. Remember how Along Abbey Road started as a fashion and personal style blog? And then it morphed into a mommy blog, as all blogs do after a gal has a baby. Right?
So, you're going to run two blogs? How do you do that as a mom?
I already get that question all the time about having one blog in general, and I have a series of posts up my sleeve for that topic specifically, but that will come another day. (The short answer is naptime and running on four to five hours of sleep.) Yes, I will continue to write here, but I am definitely going to spend a hefty amount of my time at the food blog for these first couple of months in case you wonder where I've snuck off to.
Does this alleged food blog have a name?
Of course it does! Thanks for keeping me on track. The name is... drum roll please...
The Butter Half! The world's punniest food blog! Everyday I'm trufflin'...
(Get it?)
By the way, that is the blog's legitimate tagline. I know, I have a way with words. I'll be here all day, ladies and gentlemen. A human pun-generator. Pun Master Flex, they call me. (I can't help but say all of these things in a Schmidt voice in my head.)
This blog is supposed to be fun, light-hearted and about my cooking journey. I am definitely not a fancy chef or anything, but I would like to improve my cooking and baking game. And I would love for you to follow along and be my butter half. (See what I did there? Hardy har har!)
Come check out my welcome post here, subscribe and connect on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter for gorgeous food photos, updates and behind the scenes. Thanks for your constant encouragement and support, my fellow gourmands! 

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