Red Leather Pants

Coat: Vince | Leather Pants: J Brand | Turtleneck: J Crew| Shoes: Louboutin ( in leo haircalf) | Handbag: Saint Laurent ( in leather) | Bracelets: Brandy Pham, Hermes
Red leather pants, my type of holiday outfit! I've been debating these pants for eons, but thought " leather pants? How much use am I really going to get out of them?"  Well surprisingly, a lot!  Since getting them over two weeks ago, I've been wearing them non-stop. My friends would probably agree.
Here, I went for a fairly bold, red-on-red look for a holiday party. Not that I wouldn't wear this on a normal day, because I certainly would, but it's especially perfect for this time of year.
Speaking of, can you believe that Christmas is only 8 days away? Holy moly.
xo, Helena

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