Random Act of Kindness

After teaching PB last night I was too exhausted to cook. To compensate for the failed meal preparation,  Todd and I decided to meet up for a bite to eat at Macaroni Grill. During mid meal the waiter comes up to tell us that our check has already been picked up. Huh? We kept asking if it was a joke. I feel like stuff like this only happens in the movies. Who would pick up our check? Todd jokingly said "Do we look that homeless?" (Todd was dressed in scrubs, and I was a hot-sweaty mess in my PB workout attire. We looked homeless). The waiter explained that it was a couple that had already left that picked up our tab. As we left I could't stop thinking about how a complete stranger was so generous and sweet to us. This made me look at my own way of life, and ponder if I do the same in return (not pick up people's tabs, but show kindness to others)? While the New Year has already passed I still am going to make another resolution that each day I need to perform one kind act to someone whether that be opening the door, helping out a neighbor, or doing something extra sweet for Todd. Kindness not only makes you a better person, but it can inspire others to do the same in return.

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