Quarter Life Crisis

Last month I had my 26th birthday! I was going to do a birthday post on the blog, but for some reason I wasn't feeling very festive. I am constantly feeling unmotivated and unsatisfied with how my life is going. Lately I have been comparing myself to others and their accomplishments. I consider that I am not moving forward or unsuccessful at being an adult because I have not gotten married or had children yet. Even though the thought of having children actually scares me to death, the fear that I will never meet someone and procreate scares me just as much. I feel like my life is stunted and lacks excitement. I find my self dreaming of what I think my life should be like by now. When I took the time to asses my symptoms I realized I am experiencing what some people peg as Quarter Life Crisis. What is helping me through this phase is keeping my spirits up and realizing that everyone's life is different. There is not a specific age at which an individual is supposed to achieve certain things, and I can't compare myself to others. I should be comfortable with how my life is going right now and enjoy it to the fullest. Focus my attention on more life changing things such as leaving a positive impact on someone else's life versus personal issues that are menial to begin with.

Dress: Forever 21
Ring: RocksBox  
Earrings: RocksBox
Grosgrain Boater Hat: Urban Outfitters
Do you know anyone who is going through a Quarter Life Crisis?
Have a great Monday, lovelies!
xo Precious

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