Yesterday was my last day in the 8-0-1. How I will miss it. The weather was gorgeous while I was in town. I regret not bringing enough long sleeved shirts even though the Utah locals still think it's warm. Hey anything below 80 degrees requires a sweater in my opinion. While I had to hold back my tears as my dad dropped me off at the airport, I remembered that there was a special surprise waiting home for me. My best friend/sista-from-anotha-motha just had her baby girl! I was so bummed that I couldn't catch an earlier flight so I could be there for her at the hospital. I called Todd and told him that he needed to be at the hospital as a representative of the Edmunds family, plus I needed pictures IMMEDIATELY! Congrats P + A for a healthy and happy baby girl! Love you both!
Be prepared for auntie jess-e-pie and uncle todd-e-cakes to spoil her rotten!
Stay tuned for tomorrow to see what my dad got me obsessed with for "Wellness Wednesday."

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