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A couple weeks ago I get a call from my mom telling me that she is getting married. My parents have been divorced since I was 1, and neither of them have gotten remarried.
She then continues to tell me that they are getting married this July. After getting off the phone with my mom I turned to Todd completely shocked. How is she getting married if the guy she's marrying I didn't even know existed?! After much thinking I eventually came to my senses, and was so happy for her. She was completely twitter pated, and that alone was enough for me to feel at ease about her courtship. I also was reminded of my own engagement, and how I had no room to judge. When Todd and I were first dating my family didn't even know about him until closer to our engagement 8 months later. Before Todd I was in an on and off again relationship for years, and was weary of who I introduced to the family. When I told my family the news of our engagement they were shocked, but ecstatic for this baby of the family to get married.
After the announcement of my mom's engagement I started looking for a dress to wear immediately. I wanted something light weight for July, romantic, and pleated. A while ago I was putting together a blog collage, and came across this dress. I wanted to use it for a "wedding guest" inspiration collage, but my mom's wedding beat me to it. I've never ordered from ASOS petite line before, and wasn't quite sure how it would fit. I was beyond thrilled when this dress fit perfectly everywhere. It seriously is such a rare occasion when a DRESS doesn't needed to be altered. When Todd saw me in this dress for the first time he said it was the prettiest dress he's seen me wear. Since I am a dress hoarder this means a lot since my dress collection is endless. I know that this dress will be the perfect thing for my mom's wedding!

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