Painted Styled Shoot With Splits 59

About a couple months ago I had a dream where I styled a shoot using paint. Within my dream I was a blank canvas, and was covered with layers of colorful paint giving an edgy-whimsical story.  I knew that I could't waste this amazing idea on just "any" shoot, but had to wait until the right opportunity came. When I figured out that Splits 59 was coming out with their new paint line, I knew that I had to pitch this idea to them. I was so excited that they were just as on board as I was.
While I typically shoot with just myself, I wanted to have my bestie Nadya from the blog " Feminina" to shoot with me. Through Nadya I discovered this amazing photographer Britt Jacox. Probably one of the fastest friendships I have ever made was with this girl. Not only is she talented behind the camera, but is freaking hilarious! I can't even tell you how fun this shoot was. While in hair and makeup all of us girls would just sit there, and laugh our heads off. I had to hold back my laughs because of all the tears ruining my makeup.
When I got these images back I was beyond thrilled. Britt helped me capture my vision of creating a colorful editorial look book that kept true to the look of Splits 59.
Big thanks to all those who contributed, and the many laughs created on this shoot.

Styling: Jess & Nadya
Photography: Britt Jacox
Makeup: Whitney Eyre
Hair: Bria Carey

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