Packing Woes

Cropped Denim, Gucci Marmont MulesCropped Denim, Gucci Marmont Mules
Button Down: Frank & Eileen | Denim: GRLFRND | Mules: Gucci | Sunglasses: Ray Ban | Belt: Saint Laurent
I’m a notorious over packer and I envy any person that’s able to fit all of their stuff,  including beauty products and hair tools, into a carry-on. If you’re one of those people, seriously, how do you do it?!  Not only that, but I’m a fairly messy packer. I have some friends that are able to make their suit-case look meticulously organized. Meanwhile, I just toss random things in my bag and think "I’d rather have options.."
However, during our trip to LA (where these photos were taken), I was proud that I was able to focus on packing a few key pieces that I could build my outfits around. No matter where I’m going, I will always take a white button down (Frank & Eileen are one of my favs!), a pair of crisp sneakers or ankle booties for walking and airports and of course, a cool pair of heels for the evenings.

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