The Edmunds are officially 3 weeks away from moving to Dallas! For the past week Todd and I have been digging away at our apartment, and have been trying to box away our life for the move. It feels so good to do some spring cleaning, and getting rid of so many cloths that I haven't worn in years. Whenever Todd see's me fill up bags of old clothes he tries to convince me to sell them vs donate them. Personally I would rather donate clothes vs putting in tons of effort into selling them online. This girl definitely doesn't have time for that. After narrowing down the wardrobe that will be coming with me to Texas I then moved onto taking down my favorite space in our place. My office.
The office has become my number one space that I work in, and has become my little creative haven. I might have shed a tear after taking down my gallery wall that was filled with my favorite styled shoots. Four years of memories has filled our 1200 square foot apartment, and will be deeply missed.

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