It’s easy to get stuck in the rut of throwing on the same pair of jeans every day. I’m definitely guilty of that!  A great way to shake it up, is to to switch out the jeans for a pair of trousers (pants for the American readers). I love the tailoring on this pair. They feel elevated but yet super comfortable and easy to run around in.
If you follow me on Instagram then you might have already seen me have the "dad sneaker" debate. Feel free to chime in here in the comments! I love these sneakers but I also think that not all dad sneakers are created equal. For example, I don’t like the Louis Vuitton Archlight sneaker on me at all. You have to find the pair that suits you. For me, the chunkiness of the Balenciaga triple S really works. We don’t all have to like the same trends; that’s the joy of fashion!

Trousers: ZARA. T.Shirt: Vintage. Sneakers: Balenciaga. Earrings: Jennifer Fisher