Off the Shoulder & Boho Braids

Welcome to another Layers & Lipstick linkup! You've seen this trend everywhere, and I hope it never goes away. OTS other know as Off the Shoulder was the "it" trend for summer. This trend is one of my favorites because it gives the subtle sexiness without revealing too much. This trend seems to work for many different body types, and is flattering to those who want to cover their arms.
I loved wearing this outfit because it's a look that can go from spring into summer. The baby pink color gives that feminine feel while the distressed jeans keep the look casual. If you haven't already bought these jeans that blow up your insta feed, you need them now!
Big thanks to Karolina from Sunkissed Way for being our cohost for the week. Again, I match with our cohost. I promised this wasn't planned. Make sure you stop by her blog today because it's her birthday week!

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