Nude Lips & Patterns

I hope you all had an amazing and safe Halloween. Todd and I kept it pretty low key this season, and just hung out with some friends and their kids as we all went trick-or-treating. Before we met up with our friends Todd was determined to get dressed up for the kids. He came home and threw off his clinic scrubs for a pair of hospital scrubs. He insisted that his accessories be a doctors mask, drill, surgery drape, and fake blood. Not quite sure what costume he was going for. Dr gone mad?
Can't say we have a surplus of fake blood hanging around at our house so we had to stop at Fry's on our way out. Todd ran to the Halloween section to find out that the holiday section had already been raided. Ok no fake blood, let's think. FOOD COLORING! When we got to the baking section there was no food coloring to be seen. Ok, ok, let's think......
After thinking for a minute Todd shouted "HOT SAUCE!" Hot sauce? Needless to say we left with hot sauce as our substitute for fake blood. When we met up with or friends Todd started doucing his clothes with hot sauce, which turned out to be more orange than red. For the next thirty minutes Todd smelled as though he just walked out of Buffalo Wild Wings. The take away message from this story is that if you are looking for a condiment to substitute blood go for ketchup vs hot sauce ;)
Random story done, but let's get to why you are here! We are so excited to see how you rocked this weeks beauty and fashion trends: Nude Lips & Patterns

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