Now Arriving: The Story Behind Our Scarves

Now Arriving Grey Oversized Scarf, Helena of Brooklyn Blonde
Now Arriving Cashmere Scarf, Camel Coat, Helena of Brooklyn Blonde
New York Street Style, Spring Outfit, Helena of Brooklyn Blonde
Now Arriving Cashmere Scarf, Camel Coat, Helena of Brooklyn Blonde
Spring Style, Spring Outfit Ideas, Helena of Brooklyn Blonde
Cashmere Scarf: Now Arriving in Powder Grey | Coat: Theory | Denim: Topshop ‘Jamie’ | Booties: Louboutin | Sunglasses: Color in Optics | Bag: Mansur Gavriel
Last week, I shared a bit about the launch of Now Arriving, but today, I wanted to include a little more about the story behind it!
Danny and I met about 7 years ago, he was working for DVF and Brooklyn Blonde was just starting to gain a bit of momentum. We were at the same event and we instantly hit it off! Throughout the years, we’ve traveled to Paris together (the only man Keith would be okay with me visiting such a romantic city with – ha!) and various other places. Out of all the people that I know, Danny has always been one of the first people I’d message if I have a fashion question or an industry related one. He’s helped me with the creative side on several of my bigger projects and also helped me decide which handbag was worth the investment. Needless to say, from the beginning, his opinion was one I always respected and valued.
Several years ago, we were having dinner and the conversation of starting our own line came up. We both shared a similar aesthetic in terms of what we gravitated towards, so that part was easy! To make a super long story a bit shorter, Now Arriving has been in the works for over three full years. In between, Danny traveled the world for a year (where he gained so much knowledge and inspiration), I got pregnant with Nate and our vision was put on a temporarily hold. We continued to chat regularly about our plan, what we had in mind and everything in between and three years later, here we are.
The cashmere scarves we launched with, is something we felt was missing in the market. Of course, there are plenty of cashmere scarves out there, but none that fit the needs of what we were looking for. For starters, the length! I own many scarves, but I always wanted one that was exaggerated. Most of the scarves that are considered long are 50″-80″, but our charcoal and powder grey one is 110″ and at a similar prices to the shorter ones. The length alone creates such a luxe look and ideal for surviving cold airports and planes. The red (worn here) and oatmeal are slightly less exaggerated, but still quite long at  77″ long. From a personal standpoint, I’ve been looking for a long, true red cashmere scarf for years, but couldn’t find one that I loved. Either it was too short, the material was too flimsy or it didn’t drape the way I wanted it to – so we decided that red was a must in our collection. Last but not least, the oatmeal. Danny and I are both suckers for a good natural palette and I find the oatmeal to be the perfect compliment to so many of my transitional pieces.

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