New Year, Same Wardrobe Favourites

With a new year (and new decade) here, I normally like to revamp my wardrobe and think about where I see my style moving towards this year. I find it fun to feel like I not only have new goals for myself, personally, but for my wardrobe as well. In the past, this has resulted in resolutions like "I want to add more colour to my outfits", "I want to feel more comfortable in the clothes I wear", and "I want my closet to be more elevated". But this year, surprisingly, I’ve noticed that I haven’t wanted to change much.
In fact, I feel like the staple wardrobe pieces I’ve added to my closet in the past year are ones that I don’t want to replace. I feel like they’re the ones that are going to stick around for a while. I suppose you might call that a wardrobe success?
I shifted my wardrobe in the latter half of the year towards neutrals and basics with quality in mind. I still love my statement-making pieces and fun outfits, but I feel like the ones I tend to gravitate to on a daily basis are the ones that are neutral.
As we enter into a year of goals (and style goes), I wanted to share some of my favourite "trends" and "items" that I’m carrying over with me into the new year and why they’re the types of pieces to last in your wardrobe for a while!


This one checks off all of the boxes. I’ve always loved satin – in my clothes and my pjs. I feel like it’s like wearing nothing at all and is one of the most comfortable fabrics to wear. It also drapes beautifully, which often means that it’s also a really flattering piece. Satin sets are some of my favourite pieces in my wardrobe. When I have nothing to wear, I either throw on a power suit or a satin set.
This two piece looks like a dress, but it’s actually a camisole and a skirt. Both are pieces I picked up from Le Chateau. I love the warm tan colour of the top, mixed with a must-have satin black skirt on the bottom. The latter is one of those basics that you can wear with a hoodie, blouse, or even a vintage t-shirt, and look super chic.

Neutral Colours

I mentioned it briefly, but I love mixing and matching neutral colours. I find that neutral colours often get a bad rep for being boring, but when mixed properly with different tones, it can make for a super interesting look. Don’t be afraid to mix browns, blacks, beiges, and whites. Your neutral pieces will also definitely go the extra mile in your wardrobe in a ton of different outfits.

The "Throw-On" Boots

I picked up these boots recently and although I wasn’t completely sold on this style of boot, I feel like it’s a silhouette that’s going to stick around. The slouchiness has this way of making any outfit look automatically chic and effortless. Throw it under a pair of jeans, with a skirt, or with a mini dress, and it’s a pair that’s made for walking throughout all of the outfits.
These 3 are just a few of my favourite go-to’s for the New Year. I’d love to know what items have made it past your year-end purge and which you feel are investment pieces for the long run! With that, cheers to a new year, a new decade, and all of the stylish fun you’re about to have!

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