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Bobbi Brown Skin Long-Wear Weightless Foundation, Skincare, Helena of Brooklyn Blonde
From the beginning of my blogging days, Bobbi Brown has been one of my go-to makeup brands. I mean, I’m practically the self proclaimed brand ambassador for their High Shimmer Gloss. When it comes to quality, colors and staying power, they’re really as good as it gets.
This time around, it’s about two of their latest, all star players: their Nude on Nude Palettes, which comes in two colors: Bronzed Nudes and Rosy nudes, and their Skin Long-Wear Weightless Foundation, but more on the foundation later.
Bobbi Brown, Skin Long-Wear Weightless Foundation, Nude on Nude Palette, Skincare, Helena of Brooklyn Blonde
For the palette, while I love both, I’ve been reaching for the Bronzed Nudes more than any other palette I own. I’ve worn it on several Instagram stories, to have many of you message me to ask me what I was wearing. Well, its been this! Truly, my new favorite palette for two main reasons:
The formula: I cannot rave about it enough; it’s silky, powdery, beautifully pigmented and blends like a dream.
The colors: I own many palettes in the brown/nude family and in most cases, I end up sticking to 2-3 colors. With this one, there’s not one color I don’t love. It’s the perfect mix of neutral, sparkle free shades and shimmery (but not in an obnoxious, splatter-all-over-your-face, way), luxe shades. I wear certain colors individually (mainly bone and buff) and certain colors I love mixing (like pink copper, burnt amber and chocolate copper). Either way, you cannot go wrong and I find the colors to be rather flattering on most hair and skin tones.
Bobbi Brown Nude on Nude Palette, Skincare, Helena of Brooklyn Blonde
Trust me, if you’re on the hunt for a new palette (and honestly, even if you’re not), try this one. It really is so beautiful.
Now, on to the foundation. Along with the palette, I’m wearing their Skin Long-Wear Weightless Foundation in the above photos (with no editing) and it creates such a light-weight, but completely buildable, coverage. In a recent post, I’ve raved about their primer, and the combination of the two, makes the foundation last for 12+ hours.
I love to mix a little foundation with a drop of facial oil and I "cocktail" the two together. This achieves the most luminous, velvety results. For color reference, I’m wearing cool ivory.
If you try the foundation, palette or both, let me know your thoughts! I always want to know if you love certain products as much as I do.

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