Neon & Leopard

Two of spring’s biggest trends are neon and leopard. You already know I’m on board for leopard, but I’m *very* excited about neon this year! Neon was pretty big five years ago and I’m so glad to have it back. Life is better with a little color. This neon pink swimsuit is both comfortable and cute (love the low back!) and especially paired with this matching neon visor. There are some really cute neon and leopard items on the internet right now, I’ll work on a big roundup for you guys!
Completely random, but I’ve been staying up really late every night this week reading Jessica Simpson’s autobiography "Open Book" and it is so good and so inspiring. I’m kind of addicted to it. I was a pre-teen when Jessica Simpson came onto the scene, and I loved listening to her music (alongside Britney Spears and NSync!). This book is so honest and refreshing; Jessica is relatable and I feel like she’s sitting across from me telling me about herself. No matter what you’re going through right now, I feel like you’ll relate to Jessica in her book. She also writes a lot about Christianity, and I do believe that God is working through her to be a voice for all women. If you’re interested, at least download a sample on your phone/iPad/kindle and I promise you’ll be hooked!