My Favorite Black Leather Jackets, Sunday Riley Good Genes & New Books

I just dropped off Nate in school and I’m taking the opportunity to work on some posts, including finally taking photos of my kitchen. My cleaning lady was here yesterday and my home is never as clean as the day after she leaves. We try to get her every two weeks and I would sooner give up going out to dinner or buying a pair of jeans than not having one. It’s truly worth every single penny and it helps keeps us happy and sane.
I often get asked "how did you find her?" and truthfully, she came recommended from a friend, years ago. If you’re interested, I think the best bet is word of mouth. I know there are cleaning services out there and I’ve heard good things, but I don’t have any experience with one.
I’ve also been watching Marie Kondo’s show on Netflix, along with what seems like the entire internet, and it’s definitely inspired me to declutter and to get rid of things that "don’t spark joy." Quite honestly, I don’t think the show is that great (I’ve heard the book is better), but it does help motivate the cleaning and purging, so at least there’s that.
The photo above was taken at Paulie Gee’s Slice Shop. We’ve been huge fans of Paulie Gee’s pizza restaurant for years, but finally had a chance to try out the slice shop over the holidays. Let me tell you guys, it lived up to the crazy hype. So incredibly delicious!
I’m currently burning Diptyque Vanille and it’s one of my favorite home candles. Smells so good!
Adventure awaits with these best travel deals of 2019.
I often get asked what black leather jacket I would recommend and I know I sound like a broken record, but my two favorites are this one from Mackage and this one from All Saints. The Mackage one is edgy, but with a slightly more feminine fit. Whereas the All Saints one is a bit looser and less structured. Depends what you’re looking for, but I love both. I have the Mackage one in black and the All Saints one in two other colors. I take an XS in the Mackage (it runs big) and a 4 in the All Saints.
Found a budget-friendly version of my old Aritzia coat that I wore here.
Here are the  toddler tips that I shared earlier this week; as well as a curated list of kid-friendly restaurants in NYC.
Ever wonder how much it costs to be a Bachelor contestant?
Nate got this puzzle for Christmas and we’ve both been having so much fun putting it together, taking it apart and putting it back together.
Picked up a few new books to read this winter, including The Wife Between Us, My Oxford Year, Becoming by Michelle Obama, & My First Busy Town activity book for Nate.
Speaking of books, I finished Verity and holy! It was so good.
Apparently these date spots ranked most popular in 2018.
I wrote this beauty post three years ago and all of the products mentioned, including Sunday Riley Good Genes, still remain my favorites. That certainly says a lot!
Looking to reset after the holidays? These healthy smoothies can help beat bloating!
Hope you all have a wonderful weekend! I got a fraxel laser treatment yesterday (more on that later), so I’ll probably be laying low because I look like a crazy person.

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