My Favorite Beauty Gift Sets

*Just a quick note to my MOM not to read this post because it will spoil her Christmas hahah!*
Every year I stock up on L’Occitane gifts for my friends and family (but ESPECIALLY my mom – she loves their products!). This year L’Occitane has come out with some really amazing gift sets that are perfect for every person in your life. Here are my very favorites!

Fragrant Lavender Collection

The Lavender Collection is mine and my mom’s favorite – I have one wrapped under the tree with her name on it. The Lavender Foaming Bath is our all-time favorite bubble bath, and lucky for her, there’s a full-size of it in this gift set! Other items in the set include a lavender perfumed sachet (perfect for keeping in your underwear drawer), hand cream, body soap, cleansing hand wash and body lotion. These products smell sooo good – I love using them at night right before bed. The lavender scent is calming and makes me sleep really well!

Luxury Advent Calendar

This Luxury Advent Calendar is a great gift for ANYONE and is pretty much the coolest idea ever! The calendar has 24 doors and each door contains a different product for each day of December. This year, the Luxury Advent Calendar comes in a unique movign design – the two towers rotate a full 360 degrees, revealing whimsical designs on all four sides. Products inside include luxury hand creams, shower oils, even shampoo and conditioner!

Hand Cream Bouquet

This Hand Cream Bouquet is the cutest idea ever – a whole box full of L’Occitane’s most popular hand creams! My mom bought this last year and then distributed each hand cream to each one of her friends along with some homemade cookies – I love that idea and I want to do it this year!

Nourishing Shea Star Ornament

This Nourishing Shea Star Ornament is only $14 (perfect for a co-worker!) and includes L’Occitane’s most nourishing collection: their Shea Butter Hand Cream, Ultra Rich Body Lotion and Extra Gentle Soap (I loooove this soap!).