My Custom dress

So sorry for my hair and awkward face in a few of these photos. It was absolutely blowing a freezing winthat day which had me trying to look like I'm pleasantly enjoying a sunny day and not, as in reality, turning into a Shell-sicle! This dress was custom made for me by the lovely people at eShakti!
They design personalized pieces based on whatever style you like!
  Each style--whether standard sized, custom styled or custom sized--is cut to order and made right there!
Its very cool. If you like a dress, but want a shorter hem and longer sleeves they will create it for you! The best part is that their sizing ranges from 0-36! So ANY woman can look gorgeous just the way she wants to! I choose this dress becuase it reminded me of a Mad Men style of the early 60s. I had to belt my dress becuase I didn't give them my exact measurements (like the should have) becuase it was holiday season and I was in a rush. BUT still love the dress and the whole concept of their company! Check them out!

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